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Air traffic controller jobs

Posted: 08.25.2016
Air traffic controllers ensure the safe and orderly movement of aircraft. They do this by using a combination of radar, radio and visual contact with aircraft to ensure that they approach, land, take off and cruise safely. The work demands a high degree of concentration.

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Aircraft engineer or mechanics jobs

Posted: 08.25.2016
An Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (AME), also Licensed Aircraft Maintenance Engineer (LAME or L-AME), is a licensed person who carries out and certifies aircraft maintenance. The license is widespread internationally and is recognised by the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO)

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Get 500 hours jet time line flying

Posted: 03.08.2016
Flitejob.com is currently having agreement with various air operator, airlines and air charter to optimize the possibility of buying line flying . . .

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Looking for dream jobs.

Posted: 02.08.2016
Almost all recruiter use online tools to search for candidate, these are the trend for future jobs
Here are the tips to assure you create higher possibility to be recruited

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How to write best CV or resume ?

Posted: 01.04.2016

The resume  or CV (Curriculum Vitae) is one of the best tools in showing first impression, it has to be brief enough and concise with enough information to attract employer.

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New Flitejob Development

Posted: 08.05.2015
Flitejob is a free sources for job seeker and recruiter to classified and select right candidate prior to filter them to employment phase.

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Flitejob Development

Posted: 09.09.2014

Development for flitejob has been initiated by taking various expert in aviation industry to aggregate them in to personnel qualification and filtering scheme.

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