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Air traffic controller jobs

Posted: 08.25.2016
Air Traffic Controller jobs profession is service providers who perform and handle or manage the air traffic flow in the air, especially for airplanes in order to avoid mid air collision / accident (making separation) between the air from getting too close to each other.
In addition to the task of separation, the profession of ATC is also responsible and in charge of the smooth handling of traffic (traffic flow),
And help pilots to handle abnormality or emergency, ATC must also provide all available information needed by the pilot.
Such as : weather current information or weather forecast information from meteorological  office, traffic information, navigation information, etc.
ATC and Pilot's is one of the closest relationship together in addition to other units.
The role of the ATC is large enough to achieve the goal in each flight.
The activities of both the aircraft movement area are obliged to get permission from the ATC, and later an ATC may provide information, instructions, permission to the pilot in order to achieve its safety objectives of each flight conducted.
And of course, all communication is done through the proper equipment and meet the related procedures.
Responsibility and discipline also has a very important role for an ATC, working for a time governed by the ATC log position / shift system.
In each Aerodrome Control Tower, is divided into several units such as Clearance Delivery, a unit dedicated to provide information from all / any route air traffic services ATS Route, in every high distance air when asked / allowed to fly to the destination.
Ground Control, a unit that handles in every movement of air time (push back), until the plane (taxiway) wait near a runway for takeoff.
Assistant Tower Controller has a duty controller in the tower, the tower controller itself is set during takeoff and when the plane landed.

Primary job of air traffic controller
Here the purpose / function of each air traffic services conducted in accordance with Civil Aviation Safety Regulations, which has been described in the document ICAO ANNEX 11 on Air Traffic Service, known in part 170 which is called a term of five objective of ATS

1.  Avoiding collisions between aircraft.
2.  Provide any advice or information is important and useful for the safety and efficiency of air traffic control.
3.  Inform each organization responsible for air search requires a search or rescue when appropriate every organization in requisite.
4.  Avoiding collisions between aircraft in the area of ​​movement barriers in the area.
5.  Facilitate / accelerate certainly sustain any movement in air traffic.

Usually the settings in the monitor air traffic above (Tower), in order to see clearly state the conditions of the runway (Runway)
Air traffic controllers if it is handled by the government, it lies in the division in the ministry of transport or as independent unit in air navigation service provider.  
The purpose Air Traffic Services of the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) regarding Air Traffic Services, are divided into three services, among others:

1.Aerodrome Control Service
Doing service Air Traffic Control Service, such as Flight Information Service, or Alerting Service to cater for all aircraft that will operate / be in every airport and surrounding areas such as take off and landing or Taxiing, which still is within the area under surveillance control tower, which is responsible for providing these services better known by TWR or (Aerodrome Control Tower).
2. Area Control Service
Providing Air Traffic Control Service, such as Flight Information Service and Alerting Service, provided when flights are conducting en-route flight.
As low controlled / controlled flights. Area Control Centre (ACC) was the unit that provides the service.
3. Approach Control Service
Performing service Air Traffic Control Service, alerting service, and flight information service, which is given to each aircraft while in the air space around the airport, who are performing landing or when going to take off, especially for every flight that are instrumented where the airline has to follow the rules or instrument commonly called the instrument flight rules (IFR).  The organisation that is responsible for this are  Approach Control Office (APP) who is responsible for these.
Flight Information Service:
Flight Information Service used to do / give any news or information is very useful and beneficial to the safety, security, and efficiency in every flight.
Alerting Service:
Alerting Service used to inform the relevant agencies with accurate and precise information for every aircraft that is currently in need of search and rescue service unit for immediate assistant.

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