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Aircraft engineer or mechanics jobs

Posted: 08.25.2016
Aircraft engineer is a profession working in the field of mechanics and must be skilled in involving the repair of an aircraft, and also the maintenance or servicing of aircraft used / needed every airline either civilian, government or military.  Aircraft engineer profession required must have a specific certificate issued by the Ministry of Transport as competent authority.
And also they should certify that the aircraft is in the ready and healthy conditions feasible for the flight.

Aircraft maintenance engineer job title given to a person as a part of aircraft safety and flight also working in the aerospace industry with expertise in safety and maintenance of aircraft in flight

FAA institute has been developing and enforcing regulations and standards regarding civilian safety of flight, including the airworthiness of aircraft flight, aircraft systems, the competence of pilots, mechanics, and also personnel of other aviators.

Safety is a major aspect of flying, either the facility or the equipment and procedures.
Aircraft maintenance engineer position requires knowledge and skills in maintenance operations, the manufacture of aircraft and aircraft systems.

Typical type of tasks performed by engineer or mechanics:
Perform tasks and maintenance program every plane.
Perform daily maintenance.
Checking the condition of the engine and the aircraft, perform necessary repairs, adjustments and replacement in accordance with any approved maintenance procedures, and other related duties .

Abilities and Skills :
Must know thoroughly about the procedures related aircraft maintenance or inspection system
Must know about the best materials either part or the applicable regulations
Receive registered plane and when action required to certify the release of aircraft process .
Knowing what actions to take to safety or prevent fires .
Must know in choosing or record any data required in support of the feasibility of flying.
Knowledgeable in use of measuring instruments and test equipment .

Education , Training and Experience

Education levels are usually obtained through quite a long time.
Aircraft Maintenance Engineer License issued by the transport department
And have at least three years in the job training as an assistant mechanic
Each mechanic various types of aircraft and engine department under supervision or Can also achieved from a technical school and have 3 years through job training

There are different terminology and process from US FAA and EASA which is European Aviation Safety agency. Each license granted CAA(Civil Aviation Authority) have to go through approves training organization .

Part-66 license system

Part-66 licensing system is part of European law for any licensed aircraft certification for Aircraft Maintenance engineer in EASA members,

Part 66 has 3 categories.

• Category A - Having a limited license to certify the maintenance tasks and also detects a simple repair.

• Category B - It has the license standards and practitioners, and into two categories for
B1 (Mechanical, airframes, engines, etc.)
B2 (avionics - electrical, instrumentation / electronic equipment) subcategory. Holders can provide / issue the certificate in the service of the aircraft and also the task of maintenance or improvements.

License category B required a more in-depth knowledge about the best treatment from the category A.

• Category C Having permission to issue a certificate for maintenance services on aircraft in the aircraft overhaul services.
the work will be performed by the aircraft maintenance engineer licensed B1 or B2.

And therefore normally they are frequently to go into category C of the aircraft maintenance, they are already holding a B1 or B2 license.

And all the license depends on the completion of each of the appropriate qualifications relevant practical experience. Settlement in Part-147 (approved Maintenance Training Organization) has a special course to allow each holder may apply for Part-66 license and experience qualifications practical as well as the course about aircraft type  are also needed.


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