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Front Engineers






Job Views:


Job Description:


1, responsible for the company web-related products (PC sites, mobile sites, WeChat applications, self-service equipment) page development and maintenance. 
2, according to product demand and design prototype efficient and high quality to complete the page construction, and through a variety of technologies to achieve dynamic web pages and interactive effects. 
3, for the project cross-platform cross-browser compatibility issues to provide solutions. 
4, front-end research and application technology to the company's related products, and constantly try to optimize the front-end performance of the page. 
5, to participate in and strictly enforce the company's front-end development standards and norms.

Job Requirements:


1, computer or related professional, bachelor degree or above; 
2, more than two years of front-end development work experience, a mobile platform for web development experience is preferred; 
3, master HTML (5), CSS (3), Javascript, AJAX and other front-end technology to understand the W3C specification, there are certain SEO foundation; 
4, master of PSD, PNG sections and pages reconstruction technology; 
5, at least familiar with the use of a javascript library like jquery, zepto, ext, kissy, backbone, angular , etc. ; 
6, the mainstream browser (IE6-11, Edge, Chrome, Firefox) compatibility issues related to understanding and understanding; 
7, strong self-learning ability and ability to solve the problem independently; 
8, good team spirit, Work at ease, diligent.

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Spring Airlines Spring Airlines Flight Operations Shanghai Pudong International Airport Shanghai CHINA
Shanghai, China

Phone: +86 21 2235 2866
Web Site: http://en.ch.com/

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